Restless Mind Means More Coffee

A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow. ~Charlotte Bronte

Have you ever been so busy during the day, your mind has troubles winding down at night? And when you finally lay your exhausted body down to sleep, you lie awake thinking?

That has been me these past weeks. I am busying myself with work and I’m exhausted, yet I can’t seem to sleep enough to restore myself. When I do fall asleep, it is only enough to give me a quick power nap before my mind tells the rest of me to wake up.

Ever since reading the Awkward Yeti’s comics, I imagine my organs speaking to each other. My brain isn’t as logical as the Awkward Yeti’s, but I think it is due to the lack of sleep.

My coffee needs coffee.
Time to invest in a bunch of herbal tea.


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