Feeling Like A Gleeful Toddler Over Power Rangers Super Megaforce

The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.   ~Richard Bach

I have 4 children who are huge fans of all the Power Rangers. So for years, I would sit with them and sing the intro songs, jump around like I was the yellow Ranger, or shout at the TV what the Nighloks (bad guys from Power Rangers Samurai) were up to! We all have our favorites and I’d say my top 4 are:

At times, I thought Power Rangers were a bit too violent for my toddlers to watch. That way of thinking actually caused me to sit and watch it with them so I could make sure they know the difference between what was real and what was not. There are episodes that may be a bit dramatic and portray over acting in my mind. However, I’d say that it is actually a great choice for a show that has action and education.

I definitely had an enjoyable moment today with my little ones. I love spending time with them and watching their favorite shows. Observing what excites them and how they absorb the morals of the shows. It is like conducting a research study every day! 🙂

Today marked a year since the Power Rangers Super Megaforce aired their Legendary Battle. It was only coincidence that my 3-year-old picked it to watch on Netflix out of all the Power Ranger options.

Image from Nickelodeon Productions

I must have missed the day that the Legendary Battle aired last year. Most likely due to the fact that it was so close to Turkey day, my mind probably was preoccupied.

I watched it for the first time today and could not contain my excitement when they showed prior members of other Power Ranger Squads. We all were jumping around laughing when they all were standing behind TOMMY, who in my mind will always be the original Power Ranger.

Tommy Oliver. Via Wikipedia


You are never to old to enjoy Power Rangers. Or  pretend to be the yellow Ranger!

Now we have to catch up with the new Power Rangers Dino Charge.



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