Ronda Rousey Is Human With Imperfections

A person who falls and gets back up is much stronger than a person who never fell.



Ronda Rousey still has my vote!
Mighty has fallen, yet she will return badder than ever!


This was not pretty for her face or her reputation. It had to happen in order for her to become better.

What defines who you are as an individual is how well you rise once you have fallen.


Ronda-pick your head
Pick your head up! Get back in the ring and work harder!


Ronda fell, hard! We’ve seen it all over social media.

I know she will come back badder than ever! She will reflect and take this learning experience and explode into something fierce!

Homo sapiens all have their flaws. No one is perfect. We all fall at different times in our lives. The strong learn from the impact, brush it off, and get back up.

Like Jay-Z says, “go and brush your shoulders off.”


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