Live To Become A Better Self


The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.       ~ Abraham Maslow

The quote definitely speaks volumes. Being aware of your feelings and actions will help keep your sanity intact. When I am taking the day to reflect on my life, I always remember learning about the “Hierarchy of Needs” by Abraham Maslow’s. Even though I have far to go in order to feel confident in understanding what drives me, I try to practice mindfulness.
I visited this great post the other day, Act And Living Presently. Corinne makes a great statement,

ACT suggests that instead of fighting our feelings we accept them, instead of denying our emotions we explore them, instead of challenging our thoughts we observe them.

ACT stands for Acceptance Commitment Therapy and I think it is a great topic. I truly believe the only way to heal or live in contentment (like Muskins discussed in Wrestling With Hope+Contentment) is to accept that you have passions that may cause shameful reactions to life. However, if you are aware of your feelings and actions that are taking place, you can learn to take control.

Be Mindful of Your Needs and Motivations

Maslow states that people’s motivation are driven by attaining certain needs. He created a five-step model and by being mindful on each stage, a person will become closer to self-actualization. It is the stage of personal growth and understanding your potential.

What can we do to become our better self?

Some people have different level of needs which means everyone has unique motivations. Being mindful of your needs leads to knowing your motivation which in turn will help keep a high level of mental clarity. Obviously, the needs do not necessarily follow a certain pattern. Everyday and every motivation varies. One day my drive to go running is motivated by hunger for some yummy baked goods. Another day I could be in the level where I am motivated to work on my relationships. Each day I am mindful of my emotions, what is driving me to perform, and my level of contentment with my need for the day.


3 thoughts on “Live To Become A Better Self

  1. Thanks so much for the mention. I am just beginning to understand the interconnectedness of the blogosphere which helps us to make meaningful connections. A wonderful bonus. I came across Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs a long time ago and it resonated with me then and still does. The importance of ongoing awareness at each stage, which you mention though, is something that I will definitely think ago. In a way I think I had a very simplistic take on this. Like as you go up the ladder the lower rungs don’t matter any more, you’ve surpassed them. But it’s not that at all is it? We are constantly sliding up and down and it is helpful to reflect on where we are. Real food for thought. Thanks.

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    1. Yes, there is a bunch of up and down movement through the stages. It’s cliche, but life is a rollercoaster. There’s a bunch of loops and spirals that feel like your making progress but are actually just in the same spot.


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