The Need To Write Is Strong

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

~ Benjamin Franklin

“I write because…”

I write because I yearn to discover more about me, myself, and I.

I write because I do not know what I am trying to say without seeing the words first.

I write because putting pen to paper pacifies my anger.

I write to heal my scars, to cry my emotions, and to overcome my jealousy.

I write because sometimes words can be louder than actions.

I write because I need to describe my aspirations, passions, visions, and dreams.

I write because the strength in my words hold me up when life tries to push me down.

I write because I want to share laughter with others through my words.

I write because a piece of me wants to heal a piece of you.

I write because the need to write is strong.


Blogging University enticed me to sign up for both Blogging 101 and Writing 101. I feel compelled to complete the writing prompts even though it is not mandatory. Both classes had set the first task to figure out more information about me as a blogger, what drives me to write, and why am I writing. I think I am going to enjoy completing these writing and blogging tasks. Not only is it giving me material to fill my new blog, it is also helping me grow as a writer and blogger. I have an answer for “Who Am I” and found the need to write is strong.



4 thoughts on “The Need To Write Is Strong

  1. You need to keep Writing because your content is so interesting to read! Love the blog post!

    Also, kudos on nailing Writing 101 Challenges for Day 1 & Day 2 in a single post by listing out your reasons for writing. Great Job!!

    Liked by 1 person

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