Best Harrison Ford Reaction To Blaine Magic

Fairytale, forklore, and mythology all spin stories of creative make-believe that help people learn morals. It also provides a place for the mind to escape during tough moments in life. One thing the stories have in common most of the time is magic. Many say that magic is not real. There is always an explanation for things we do not understand. If you believe in magic or not, it is hard to deny what the eyes can and cannot see.

Growing up watching David Copperfield’s performance, always gave me an excited feeling that there is more to the world than what is being traditionally taught. I knew that he performs an illusion that tricks us into seeing what looks like magic. The illusion itself is the magic in my mind. It is truly amazing that one person can do incredible feats.

There are many illusionists that say they are the next Copperfield or even Houdini. However, not many can walk up to anyone on the street and completely encapture the crowd into a sense of wonderstruck; even from skeptics. David Blaine has made himself well known for his illusions. His close-up magic and street performance is the reason why many know who he is. He has left people second guessing the answer to the question, “is magic really real?”

Harrison Ford’s acting abilities have always astonished his adoring fans. He is hardcore but chill at the same time. It’s not surprising that he has a similar personality in real life.

His reaction to the magic trick done by David Blaine at his house, showed his hardcore side. Obviously, you can see the disbelief and astonishment over the Blaine Magic. How Ford handles it is what fuels his fan base.

David Blaine Amazes Harrison Ford

I will always be a fan of  Harrison Ford and of David Blaine’s magic!


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