I Wanna Be Like Ronda

My brother had Michael Jordan growing up and always said, “I wanna be like Mike!” As a female, I didn’t feel that I had someone like that. Now, I can say, ” I wanna be like Ronda!”

I finished reading an interview with Ronda Rousey by Nylon. Every time I see that woman or hear her talk, I am inspired to go out and be a badass myself. She is the embodiment of a strong, intelligent woman. Chances of being halfway as physically fit as Rousey is slim to none, however, I can work on coming close to being as tough and confident.

via Nylon

One thing that I have noticed lately in media is that girls are doing idiotic things to gain attention. A lot of times, it is negative actions that receives negative attention. I want to see more girls grow up and raise the bar. I want them to set their dreams and expectations in a relationship higher. Ronda says it perfectly,

“I don’t want a guy that feels the need to dim my light in order to make his look brighter and I’m tired of seeing girls encouraged to be as dim a light as possible so as not to obscure their man. You should both rev it up.”

I learned this lesson for myself a little late. Nevertheless, I will make sure that I do my best to teach any other girl in my life to grow up with that mentality. Every woman should walk in to any room and be the formidable opponent.

Thank you Nylon for such a great interview. Thank you Ronda Rousey for showing us a way to be beautiful, powerful, and feminine.


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