10 Innovative and Inspiring Artistic Pumpkin Carvings

“Just because I cannot see it, doesn’t mean I can’t believe it!” ~Jack Skellington

Halloween has always been one of my favorite days to celebrate. Playing dress up, walking around the neighborhood, and soliciting tricks for a chance for some yummy goodness. That was the epitome of my fun childhood years.

To me (and I’m sure many others), Halloween was more than just that one day. Leaves are raked from the yard and stuffed into large orange trash bags that look similar to giant Jack-o-Lanterns. Ghost and zombie decorations litter the yards and store fronts. Costumes and make-up cluster together in store aisles so that families can prepare for the big day.

The whole month of October, people would buy troves of pumpkins from a shop or even visit a nearby pumpkin patch. Depending on each person’s creative nature, some pumpkins sit outside untouched while others take a more hands on approach to show their imaginative side.

Here are ingenious pumpkin examples:

1. Dragon Eye

Dragon Eye Pumpkin
via MalachiteWing

2. Leopard

Leopard Pumpkin
via Armuri

3. “Starry Night”

Van Gogh
via Denver Post

4. Gollum

Lord of the Rings Gollum
via flutterbyfae

5. Owl

Owl Pumpkin
via johwee

6. Minion

Minion Pumpkin
via miniondp

7. Gizmo

Gizmo Pumpkin
via pumpkinmaster

8. Death Star

Death Star Pumpkin
via Fantasy Pumpkins

9. Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas
via snerk

10. Minecraft: Creeper

Minecraft Creeper Pumpkin
via ceemdee

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